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Innovative ideas – Novel techniques

It is factually correct  that every surgical intervention causes part of blood loss, even a minor one, since cells  have to be supplied by blood in order to be viable. Therefore, bloodless surgery, in a strict sense of the term, does not actually exist. However, BLOODLESS FIELD SURGERY is nowadays reality and it is inherently the technique by which blood loss is diminished, if not nullified. Thus, today numerous operations can be performed, patterned after surgical repair of inguinal hernia/umbilical hernia/ventral hernia/pilonidal cyst/anal fissure/condyloma acuminata (genital warts), with unnoticeable loss of blood, via the Tumescent technique.

Tumescent Technique

By means of this method only a slight, painless injection is undertaken and a considerable amount of significantly diluted solution of local anaesthetic including adrenaline, a substance which causes contraction of blood vessels and prevents bleeding, is administered. Furthermore, with the use of exclusive haemostatic devices (bipolar diathermy, radiofrequency ablation, ultrasound scissors), even the slightest bleeding is stopped promptly, before it could actually take place. The end result is for the blood loss to be prevented, so any blood transfusion to become rather needless, while bruising and symptoms like fatigue due to anaemia, to be totally minimized.

For more information about the Bloodless Field Surgery and its application in surgical procedures, for the treatment of hernias and other conditions, you can contact us at (+30) 2313048684. The General Surgeon Dr. Anthmidis Georgios is at your disposal.