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Surgical Operations & Services

All surgical operations are carried out based on the general principles governing modern surgery and are summarized in the term Fast Track Surgery.

This modern approach uses the application of international clinical protocols and minimally traumatic technique and sophisticated methods of anesthesia, achieving the reduction of complications, reduction of perioperative stress, minimization of postoperative pain, rapid mobilization and feeding, short duration of hospitalization and fast recovery.



It is true that any surgical intervention causes some blood loss, albeit minimal, since each cell has to be fed by blood to be alive. Therefore, “bloodless” surgery in the strict sense of the term does not exist.

But the BLOODLESS FIELD SURGERY is now a reality and is, essentially, the technique by which blood loss is minimized, if not reduced to zero.

We can now perform many operations, on the model of the reconstructive surgery of the inguinal hernia / umbilical hernia / ventral hernia as well as of the pilonidal cyst and the removal of lipomas, skin lesions including warts, with an infinitesimal blood loss, through the Tumescent technique.

This technique uses, with the feeling of a small injection only, a large amount of a highly diluted solution of local anesthetic with adrenaline, a substance that causes contraction of the vessels and prevents their bleeding.

Additionally, with the use of specific hemostatic tools (diathermy, radio frequency, ultrasonic scissors) the slightest bleeding automatically stops before it even occurs.

The result is to prevent blood loss, so that blood transfusion is not needed, as well as to minimize ecchymoses (bruises) and symptoms such as easy fatigue due to anemia.